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From the bit of family tree you see above, you can see that Ernest Henry Gillar is the area school teacher who bought the Garbade house around 1912. In the video you can see a black and white picture of the house.

Ernest Gillar was born in what can be known as Pribor Czech Republic. However, in the year he was born, 1878, the Czech Republic did not exist yet and was a different country. More on that later.

Ernest and his brother and sister came over to the United States from Europe after their parents died. They earned their transportation by taking care of a small child for a family while on the ship.

Ernest made his way to Texas and married Emily Sunka in 1907. They had four children, with Miloslav Vaclav, my grandfather, born last in 1914. 

Miloslav married Julia Janak and had four children, Jerome, my father, being the second child.

more to come...

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